Renato Scrollavezza and the Parma School of Violin-Making present "Liuteria Parmense", a cultural organisation which currently numbers over twenty luthiers and which is open to everyone sharing our will to protect and promote this violin-making tradition.

The Association, founded in autumn 2001, is a consequence of the strong ties which already existed between the ex students of the Parma School of Violin Making: In fact most of us clearly felt we came from an original tradition which finds its roots in the school founded by M° Renato Scrollavezza, and is connected with the older history of violin-making in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia as well. We believe that much of the interest and charm of Italian violin-making lies in its spontaneity and in the original styles expressed by the various Schools during the centuries.

Liuteria Parmense aims at protecting and promoting the tradition to which we belong, and is committed in fields such as education, the organisation of courses, seminars and other cultural initiatives.

Associazione culturale Liuteria Parmense - Tel./Fax : +39 0521 207034 - [email protected]