Accommodation during the workshops
via Medesano, 32 - NOCETO (PR)
Tel. +39 0521 623068
[email protected]
Pleasant country hotel with single or double rooms with private bathroom. This bed & breakfast is about 5-7 kms from the Castello della Musica hence a car is needed to reach the workshop.
Ostello di Costamezzana
Via all’Isola, 1 – Costamezzana – 43015 Noceto (Parma)
Tel. + 39 0521 622011
[email protected]
A hostel with two rooms for 3 guests, another for 5 and a bigger room for 10 people. Accommodation is very simple and inexpensive. Breakfast is not available and the bathroom is shared with other guests.
The hostel is in the hills in Noceto’s surroundings in a very nice country landscape; a car is needed to reach the Castello della Musica, which is 10 km from the hostel.

Hotel Ayri ***
Via Cornaccina 53/a – 43014 Medesano (Parma)
Tel + 39 0525 422045
Fax +39 0525 422171
[email protected]

More comfortable accommodation in a medium-quality hotel outside Noceto on the route which connects the town to Medesano; the hotel is about 4 km from the Castello della Musica and a car is needed to reach the workshop.

On the Via Emilia (which is about 4-5 km from Noceto) there are several other opportunities in different price ranges. The area can be noisy due to the heavy road traffic. Here are a couple of addresses:
Hotel Conte ***
Via Emilia Ovest, 37 Pontetaro – 43015 Noceto (Parma)
Tel. +39 0521 617547
Fax +39 0521 656113
[email protected]

Hotel San Marco ****
Località Pontetaro – 43015 Noceto (Parma)
Tel. +39 0521 615072
Fax +39 0521 615012
[email protected]

For those who prefer to stay in Parma but want a solution which is reached easily from Noceto, another opportunity might be:
Residence Corte della Vittoria
Via Emilia Ovest, 63 43100 - Parma
Tel. +39 0521 944358
Fax +39 0521 945619
[email protected]
Small apartments with private bathroom and kitchen located in Parma on the Via Emilia. Noceto is about 12 km distant but easily reached on the main route.
For differents accomodations contact Parma Tourist Office:

Associazione culturale Liuteria Parmense - Tel./Fax : +39 0521 207034 - [email protected]