If today we can count on this group of professional luthiers most of the merit must go to Renato Scrollavezza, who has unsparingly dedicated himself to teaching this ancient art. At the same time, if members look to this Association not as a mere mean of promoting their work, but as sharing a cultural identity, this is because the same person who has transmitted his experience to us, has also passed on his ethics and a complete vision of life.

In both ambits, in everyday life as in work, we have been lucky in not being faced with impositions and prohibitions, but with a personality that expressed "joy and freedom" as a German pupil so aptly put it.

Renato Scrollavezza has never expected us to follow his example blindly and has considered it a natural fact that each person should interpret his message. At the same time he has taught all of us, and for this we thank him, that in order to express oneself freely and personally, one must first be educated to appreciate beauty.

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